Topps has announced a second series of Garbage Pail Kids Stickers, which come with randomly inserted Scratch 'n Stink inserts so fantastically foul that fans will be whiffing for more.  Topps will ship GPK Series #2 to hobby retailers in late February, and hobby retailers will have a minimum of one week before the stickers reach the mass market outlets and convenience stores.  Every 36-pack box of GPK hobby product contains a POP window poster to let kids know you have the goods.  Hobby retailers must order Series #2 by January 19 in order to ensure early shipping.


Topps' revival of the Garbage Pail Kids (see 'Topps Revives GPK') has been extremely successful.  Topps has gone through four printings of the first series of GPK, something that is unheard of in today's entertainment and sports card market.  Unlike movie or sports cards, which are tied to a particular time period, the GPK cards just keep selling.  As successful as they have been with GPK, Topps' research indicates that a large percentage of the potential audience is still unaware of the product, so the company is mounting a major advertising program for Series 2, which includes ads in Nickelodeon magazine as well as a p.r. blitz to generate newspaper, radio and TV coverage.  The t-shirt manufacturer Changes is attempting to cash in on GPK mania by releasing a series of GPK shirts in early 2004, which will be sold in Hot Topic stores.  Fads come and go, but gross-out humor is forever.