According to Variety Jessica Biel, who starred in Blade: Trinity, I Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, and The Illusionist, is in talks to play Wonder Woman in the new JLA film that George Miller is directing.  Production depends on Miller's ability to assemble a major superhero cast in time to get the film shot before a potential strike cripples production next summer (see 'George Miller Working on JLA Film').  Neither Brandon Routh nor Christian Bale is expected to be available to reprise their roles as Superman and Batman, respectively, in the JLA movie.

According to Variety, production of the JLA movie could pave the way for the long-delayed Wonder Woman film (see 'Whedon Off Wonder Woman').  Certainly the statuesque Ms. Biel would seem to be a good match for the role of the athletic Amazon, who wielded her 'lasso of truth' in the pages of DC Comics.