Kodansha editor Katsushi Ota, the EIC of the influential Faust magazine, will be attending the New York Anime Festival, which will be held at the Jacob Javits Center in New York from December 7-9.  Mr. Ota founded Faust magazine in 2003, creating an eclectic blend of both literary and popular fiction as well as manga and illustration. Del Rey recently announced its intention to publish selected excerpts from Faust (see 'Del Rey Announces 2 Shonen Series'), which has featured works by some of the hottest young writers in Japan including Tatsuhiko Takimoto (Welcome to the NHK), Hajime Ueda (FLCL), Kinoko Nasu (Fate/stay Night) and Nishio Ishin (Katanagatari).


Other recently announced guests include voice actors Michael Sinterniklaas (Venture Bros., Kappa Mikey, FMA) and Sean Schemmel (DBZ, Pokemon, TMNT), actor and military advisor Yasuhiro Koshi (Battle Royale, The Last Samurai), manga creator Josh Elder (Mail Order Ninja), and cosplay photographer Elena Dorfman.