The Texas-based Well Go USA is releasing the first season of the Digimon Data Squad anime series on May 26th, 2009.  The 3-disc set, which has an MSRP of $34.99, contains 13 half-hour episodes.  The disks are packaged in a high end, collectible tri-fold digi-pak case.  Jason Pfardrescher of Well Go USA confirmed to ICv2 that the DVD will contain the English-dubbed episodes of this most recent Digimon series—the same ones that are currently being shown on the Disney XD cable channel in the U.S. and on The Family Channel in Canada.


Digimon Data Squad Season 1 is the first Digimon DVD release in the U.S. in five years and its appearance in 2009 is a good way of marking the tenth anniversary of the property’s first appearance in North America back in 1999.  While Digimon has never managed to equal the popularity of its older rival, Pokemon, the Digimon video games, which are produced by Bandai, continue to do very well (The Digimon World Championship game was released here last summer) , and along with continuing presence of the Digimon Data Squad anime series on cable, have managed to keep the property in the public eye.