Warner Brothers has announced that it will release a DVD set containing all 12 episodes of the BBC comedy series, The Young Ones.  Like so many properties that have been revived recently, The Young Ones series, which originally ran in 1982 and 1984 on the BBC, is a pure example of 80s culture -- and since it is a British show -- a pure reflection of the Thatcher era. The saga of four disparate roommates whose personalities range from the harsh, strait-talking punk, Viv, to the opportunistic political poseur, Rick, to the hopelessly muddled hippy, Neil, The Young Ones quickly became a cult hit on both sides of the Atlantic.  The Warners DVD will include all 12 of the original Young Ones episodes as well as numerous, as yet unnamed extras -- let's hope that the 'boys' appearance on the 1986 Comic Relief special is included.  Warners will soon release all the details on the complete Young Ones DVD, which is set to debut on September 17, and will carry a retail price of $59.95.


Pop culture retailers who have customers who are fans of British TV should seriously consider carrying The Young Ones, since the DVD set will undoubtedly be ignored by the major retail chains.  As the number of DVD releases continues to grow, more cult shows such as The Young Ones will become available, and savvy retailers can benefit.  Aside from being extremely funny, The Young Ones shows also include performances from a number of British pop groups of the era including Madness, Nine Below Zero, Motorhead, and Radical Posture.