Natasha Henstridge will voice the female lead in Time Jumper, the latest Stan Lee project that will be unveiled at Comic-Con.  The Species star will provide the voice for Vyle, the story’s villain.  Disney is distributing Time Jumper via cell phones and the Web where 10 serialized 5-8 minute episodes will appear at 14-day intervals through December.

Disney is creating a special Website for the series and is making downloads available via the iTunes store for 99 cents an episode.  The initial iPhone download will include the complete first episode, a synopsis read by Lee, and an image converter that allows users to upload a picture and convert it to comic book format with a dialogue bubble.

The hero of Time Jumper, Terry Dixon, has a cell phone that also functions as a time machine and he uses it to jump through time in order to track down his older brother Sam, who also had one of the phones and who has been lost in time (see “Disney Jumps to Stan Lee’s Time”).