One of the best parts of Comic-Con is the incredible scene that plays out at the show, from the fantastic to the surreal.  Here are a few of our favorite images, presented chronologically as they were taken from late Friday through early Saturday.

What can we say except “click through for larger version?”

There’s starting to be more action on Ghostbusters, including these three guys.

At the Bob Burden booth:  The sweet potato with the footprint of a Chupacabre.


A great Penguin.

A mob at the Radical booth, where Nick Simmons was promoting his new comic. 

An unusual black stormtroooper. 

Unbelievable.  The only thing missing was the little whirring noises as he moved.

Another surreal Comic-Con moment.  A guy came up and asked this zombified young woman (with serious ink) in the micro-mini to have her picture taken with the wrestling belt, and, of course, she said “sure.”

We’re not sure these three were all together, but they posed together.

Speaks for itself.

The furs might have been too warm, but the rest was air-cooled. 

This might have been the same woman we saw Spider-Man adjusting the day before.  She was in the parking ramp between the Marriott and the Convention Center with a pro photographer who was posing her, so of course we just grabbed a shot.

At the Zombie Defense Network booth.

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