Mark Millar has announced that he will try “something totally new” by writing and directing a feature film.  Millar, who “learned a lot” from Matthew Vaughan who directed an adaptation of Millar’s Kick-Ass, has lined up private financing for the project, which remains hush-hush.  Since the film is privately financed, Millar doesn’t need to wait for a studio to green light the production, which Millar plans to begin directing in March.  Following Vaughan’s lead, Millar plans to make the film and sell it to the studios once it is completed.  Vaughan’s adaptation of Kick-Ass is set to debut on April 16th, 2010, and a sequel is already in the works (see “Kick-Ass Sequel”).

On his Millarworld blog, the author of Wanted and the original Kick-Ass comic book series noted that the financing method he has chosen will provide him with “the same creative freedom I have with comics when I work in cinema.”  It is a testimony to the success of comic book-based films such as Wanted, which also has a sequel in the works, that Millar was able to obtain financing for his new project.  He plans to reveal details about the film in February.