A Squared Entertainment Group and Archie Comics have announced that they will collaborate with comic legend Stan Lee and his POW! Entertainment to create print and digital comics.

A2 was founded by Andy Heyward and his wife Amy Moynihan Heyward last year.  Heyward spent time at Hanna Barbera and was the CEO of DIC Entertainment for 25 years until it was sold to Cookie Jar Entertainment in 2008.  DIC was an animation powerhouse, with a library of over 3,000 half hours of children’s programming (see “Strawberry Shortcake Sticks in Cookie Jar’s Craw”).

Heyward has a history with Archie; DIC produced the animation and Archie the comic for Sonic the Hedgehog.

The first series from the collaboration is Super Seven, which is planned as both a comic and animated series, and merchandise.  Super Seven is the story of aliens who are stranded on Earth after a spaceship crash. They are befriended by Lee himself who becomes their leader and helps them become superheroes on Earth.

The series will launch in fall 2010 in print, digital, and broadcast formats.