Marvel CEO Ike Perlmutter helped push out Rich Ross as head of Walt Disney Studios, according to Deadline.  Ross was fired by Disney CEO Bob Iger. 

Perlmutter has become a significant player in Disney politics, according to the report, which says that Perlmutter has "taken control" of Disney’s consumer products division and is making Disney CEO Bob Iger's life "miserable."  Deadline owner Nikki Finke describes Perlmutter as "not just a notoriously tough customer but a budget-obsessed megalomaniac besides a recluse," and quotes a source as describing Iger's problems with Perlmutter as stemming from the fact that "Ike is uncharmable."  Perlmutter became a significant Disney shareholder and division head when Disney acquired Marvel in 2010 (see "Big Paydays for Marvel Brass").

Ross's departure was announced on Friday and was widely tied to the poor box office performance of John Carter (see "'John Carter's' Dismal Debut"), on which Disney announced a $200 million writedown.  But Ross didn't even greenlight John Carter, although he was certainly there when the film's disastrous marketing decisions were made.  Still in the pipe from Ross's tenure are a couple of important genre films, including Tim Burton's Frankenweenie and The Lone Ranger, starring Johnny Depp.