Veteran actor Peter Capaldi was announced as the Twelfth Doctor in a special broadcast on BBC One Sunday night.  Capaldi takes over from the popular Matt Smith, who will regenerate into the new Doctor in the 2013 Doctor Who Christmas Special (see "Matt Smith Exiting 'Doctor Who'").        

Capaldi has appeared in films (World War Z), on stage, and in dozens of British TV series over the years, including relevant series Torchwood: Children of Earth and Doctor Who (in which he appeared in one episode in 2008).  He has become best known for his recent work in BBC comedy series The Thick of It.  

Capaldi won an Oscar in 1995 for Best Short Film (Live Action) for Franz Kafka’s It’s a Wonderful Life.

One representation of the Doctor Who property in the U.S. is currently up in the air; IDW Publishing has announced that it is ending its relationship with the BBC for Doctor Who at the end of 2013 (see "IDW Ends 'Doctor Who' Partnership with BBC").