Game designer Martin Wallace responded to ICv2’s request for clarification on Mayfair Games’ press release yesterday announcing the two parties had parted ways (see "Mayfair Games, Designer Martin Wallace Part Ways").

"Yeah, bit of a surprise for me too," Wallace told ICv2 via email.  "An issue came up concerning a joint project, called Ships.  Treefrog was due to produce the limited edition version, for which we had taken advance payments.  Mayfair was going to produce the standard edition.  I was handling artwork and graphics, as well as the printing schedule.  As many of the components are the same between the two games it only made economic sense to produce the limited edition at the same time as the standard one.  We hit a problem when Mayfair wanted to delay production until 2016.  I could not afford to alienate those people who had already paid money for the game, so asked for the title to be returned to Treefrog so that I could print it in 2015.  I asked for something in writing to this effect.  I was not expecting a public press release."

Wallace’s British game company, Treefrog Games, offered a direct subscription plan in early 2014 that included limited edition versions for three planned releases: Mythotopia, Onward to Venus, and Ships.

Mayfair’s Chuck Rice also sent an update regarding current Mayfair Martin Wallace designed titles. "All Martin Wallace titles currently being published by Mayfair will continue to be published by Mayfair.  This announcement only reflects the future, not the past."