Comic book art
On the heels of the announcement that its first issue of the Orphan Black comic debuting at #1 (see “Seven Titles Over 100K in February”), IDW Games has announced plans to release a series of tabletop games based on the property. The first, Orphan Black: The Card Game, will release in July 2015.

Based on the Canadian sci-fi TV series broadcast on BBC America in the U.S., the series follows Sarah Manning, a con artist who accidentally discovers she is one of a series of clones and is thrust into a world of conspiracies and rival factions.  The third season of the show debuts on April 18.

Orphan Black: The Card Game is a deduction and deception game for 3-6 players.  Players are secretly assigned to one of three teams: the Proletheans, Neolutionists, or the Bird Watchers, with the goal of influencing as many clones as possible into joining their faction, while still keeping their faction secret from the other players.  IDW Games Nate Murray told ICv2 that game art will be stills from the show. MSRP was not announced.