At the GAMA Trade Show, ICv2 spoke with Enterplay President Dean Irwin, who shared details on the next My Little Pony CCG block launching in August.  Irwin also shared upcoming plans for organized play, including a retail learn-to-play product.

With Absolute Discord launching at the end of April (see ''MLP CCG: Absolute Discord'"), Irwin said Enterplay will launch a new block with Equestrian Odysseys in August.  The set will introduce new gameplay, as well as a more simplistic deck building approach.  "It’s going to be a great starting point for new players," Irwin said.

Enterplay also plans to release a new Pony Primer retail product with the new set.  "It’s an effective starting point, so that young people and people that are not in gaming can learn how to play the game," Irwin said.  "CCGs are so difficult to learn how to play and ours is no different from the next one, so unless you have someone there teaching you how to play, you can’t learn to play a CCG [alone].  It’s a training tool. We currently have a downloadable one, but we’re also going to do a retail version that has more cards, printed cards, so that people can actually sit at home and learn how to play the game. Parents can learn how to play the game with their kids if they want to."

Irwin acknowledged that previous release dates have slipped, but is confident this release will be on time.  "It’s been a challenge," he said.  "We’ve ramped up, and we have a lot more staff than we’ve had.  The design team is already done with the new block.  They’ve submitted it, the art team has it already.  The design team, next weekend we’re having our final playtest to work through it and that [set] doesn’t come till August.  So we’re a few months ahead of the curve compared to where we’ve been on prior sets."

He also gave an update on Organized Play website development (see "New 'MLP CCG' OP Site").  "The OP software, we know that’s critical to get out, but it’s in legal review right now, and we don’t know how long that is going to take."  Because the product will be utilized by minors, there are many legal restrictions that must be met.