Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige, one of the most successful film-makers in Hollywood, threatened to leave the studio before Disney CEO Bob Iger approved the reorganization that moved Marvel Studios from the control of Marvel CEO Ike Perlmutter to Walt Disney Studios head Alan Horn (see "Perlmutter Loses Marvel Studios"), according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Feige and Perlmutter clashed most recently over the making of Captain America:  Civil War (see "Choosing Sides for 'Civil War'"), which has taken on outsize scale, with a huge cast that includes most of the heroes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, leading to the kind of increased costs that are anathema to Perlmutter.  The dispute also involved tensions between Feige and the Marvel Creative Committee, which consists of Marvel Publishing CEO and Marvel Entertainment President Alan Fine (see "Marvel Promotes Alan Fine"), Marvel Publisher Dan Buckley, Marvel Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada (see "Joe Q Now CCO"), and writer Brian Michael Bendis.

With Feige threatening to leave, Iger acceded to his wishes and changed the reporting structure for Marvel Studios.  As another result of the reorganization, the Marvel Creative Committee’s influence over the film side of the business will be reduced to a nominal level, according to the report.

Budgets may not be the only area in which Marvel movies will change in the wake of the reorganization.  Perlmutter was opposed to the idea of female stars for superhero movies, for example (see "Wondering Why There Is No 'Black Widow' Movie?"), even though the numbers for Marvel movies show a strong female audience.  Could we see stronger female characters, and more of them in future Marvel movie slates?