Marvel has announced the new ongoing Patsy Walker, A.K.A. Hellcat! series will launch in December.

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The series will be written by Kate Leth (Fraggle Rock, Bravest Warriors) with art and main cover by Brittney Williams (Adventure Time, Bitter Sweets, Samurai Jack). Issue #1 will feature a variant cover by George Perez.

Variant cover by George Perez
In this iteration, Patsy Walker is a twenty-something girl trying to find herself in New York City. She’s the daughter of a romance comic writer who used to write about her teenage years, and a childhood frenemy recently re-released them (an homage to the character’s 1940s Miss America Magazine beginning).  Walker is also a superhero martial-arts fighter with heightened mystical awareness.

“With this series, Kate and Brittney are going to provide a unique spin on the super hero, providing readers with a Patsy Walker who is both supremely relatable and supremely awesome,” Marvel series editor Wil Moss said in the announcement. “And look for guest appearances by all of Marvel’s top female heroes, including She-Hulk, Kate Bishop, Captain Marvel and maybe even the Unbeatable Squirrel Girl!”

The release for the series couldn’t be timed better, since another version of the  character will appear in Marvel’s Jessica Jones  (see “Hellcat Cast for 'Jessica Jones') , which premieres on November 20 (see “First Netflix 'Jessica Jones' Teaser”).