The rights to the Tide of Iron World War II board game have been taken back by Fantasy Flight Games, former licensee 1A Games announced.  The decision was joint, according to the announcement. “It has been jointly decided by both 1A and FFG that the time has come for the two companies to part ways,” 1A said in an update to its Kickstarter project. “As a result, FFG has taken back all of the inventory and all the control of the ToI property effective immediately.”

Rights to the game had been licensed to 1A, formed by two of the designers of the game for the purpose, in 2013 in what was described at the time as a "long-term" deal (see “FFG Licenses ‘Tide of Iron’ Board Game Line to 1A Games”).  1A used Kickstarter to finance releases, including a new core set (see “New ‘Tide of Iron’ Core Set”). 

The fulfillment of the Core Set and Stalingrad Expansion Kickstarter, funded in late 2013, is still not complete.  A final range of products was made available as PDF downloads last week, of which the company said, “We felt that it would be better to get you the material in this format than not at all.”  Refunds were promised to backers that are still owed unfulfilled rewards.

1A said it had no information on Fantasy Flight’s plans; as of Monday, FFG was selling Tide of Iron products at deep discounts on its site.