Ninja Division announced a deal with Bulgarian games publisher Mage Company Ltd to serve as the North American publisher for select  Mage Company’s releases.

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The deal includes the lighthearted, award-winning cooperative game 12 Realms; its expansions; and the post-apocalyptic resource management game Raid & Trade. Ninja Division has scheduled the Mage Company games for a Q2 2016 release.

Mage Company’s forthcoming game Aether Captains, a steam-punk themed asymmetrica, scenario-basedl board game, is also included in the deal. The game will be funded by a Kickstarter project in February.

Also coming in 2016 from Ninja Division is their Super Dungeon Explore: 2nd Edition and its expansions, which had a very successful campaign (see "Five New 'Super Dungeon World' Titles in 2016").