Passport Game Studios has announced a new bluffing/deduction game called Salem, a witch-hunting game set during the four months of the Salem Witch Trials of 1692.

In the game, players control a portion of the residents of Salem, a small number of whom are witches. Players try to keep the residents that they control secret, while all players try to rid the village of witches. On each of the four rounds of play are a Witch Hunt, a Witch Trial, and then a hanging. The player best able to find the witches among the villagers wins.

Salem is game for 3 – 7 players and takes 90 minutes to play. It contains a game board, 5 VP markers, 5 Horses, 5 Income markers, 10 Progress markers, 5 Turn Order markers, 35 Trackers, 35 Traders, 10 Bridges, 10 Trading posts, 10 Tea Houses, 1 Round marker, 1 Province Inspector, 14 Presents, 53 coins, and a rule book. MSRP is $45.00. No official release date has been announced.

This March, Passport Game Studios will release English-language versions of two of the Finish game publisher LudiCreations' games (see "Passport Releasing Two Ludicreations Games").