WizKids has announced plans to release the Marvel Dice Masters: Deadpool expansion this October, featuring characters from the Deadpool comics, the "Weapon X" project, and other What If? books.

The focus of the new expansion will naturally be Deadpool and related characters, including Lady Deadpool, Dogpool, and Evil Deadpool.  Additional characters include Wolverine, X-23, Mr. Sinister, and the Stepford Cuckoos, as well as the introduction of the Inhumans to Marvel Dice Masters and new characters from the Spider-Verse.  More than 30 new characters, both heroes and villains, will be included in the complete set.

Marvel Dice Masters:  Deadpool will be sold in foil packs.  Each pack will include two cards and two dice for use in the game.  MSPR per pack is $0.99.

Foil Packs will be available in a 90-piece gravity feed countertop display, and include hang tags.

This expansion will follow the Civil War-themed sets releasing in May (see "'Civil War' Comes to 'Marvel Dice Masters'").