Panini America Inc. will release a new version of the Afterworld fantasy trading card game this fall. Release is planned for September.

Designed by Aik Tongtharadol, Afterworld: Genesis was released by Score Entertainment in 2005 (see “Score's 'Afterworld: Genesis TCG'” and “Score Outlines Organized Play Program for 'Afterworld'”). The Afterworld TCG has more of a board game feel than a trading card game because of its territory cards, which can be pieced together to create maps. Panini’s new incarnation of the game uses the same mechanics and artwork, but will feature updated card text and character balancing.

Players pick one of two combinations of factions: Norse and Atlanteans or Egyptians and Japanese, and take control of military heroes from history and mythology. The goal is to capture the other player’s characters and fortresses. Each faction combo starter deck will be sold in a set with a standee for approximately $30.00. One starter is all that is needed for two players to play.

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Ten-card booster packs will be available to supplement the base decks.  They will contain cards for all four factions as well as excluvie cards not found in the base decks. MSRP is $3.99.

The game will be demonstrated at San Diego Comic-Con and Gen Con. Panini is also making promotional comic books which will be given away at San Diego Comic-Con.