Mantic Games has revealed details if the upcoming release of the second edition of its science-fiction table-top wargame Deadzone, scheduled for May.

Deadzone presents a futuristic battlescape, where human and alien forces compete in dense urban terrain.  Seven different groups compete for control of a future city that has been isolated from the rest of the galaxy by strictly enforced “Containment Protocols,” including government enforcers, rebel looters, and alien groups.

Development of the 2nd Edition rules began following the release of the Deadzone:  Infestation set.  The result was a streamlined and simplified game system intended for fast-paced play and quick startup.  The game’s campaign system was also redeveloped, and more variety of missions were added to the game.

The Deadzone 2nd Edition Rulebook is a 112-page hardcover book that presents the setting of Deadzone and provides complete rules for play.  Also included in the book are army lists for seven different factions and independent mercenaries.  MSRP is $39.99.

A Deadzone 2nd Edition Starter Set will also be available.  In addition to the game rules, this set includes a battlefield mat, 20 unpainted and unassembled hard plastic models, battlezone scenery, dice, and game tokens.  MSRP is $79.99.

Deadzone is set in the same science fiction universe as Mantic’s mass-combat miniatures game Warpath, scheduled to release later this year (see “‘Warpath’ Mass-Combat Sci-Fi Miniatures Game”).