Pokemon USA will release several new Pokemon TCG: XY-Evolutions products on October 31.

The Pokemon TCG: XY-Evolutions release will feature Mega Venusaur-EX, Mega Charizard-EX, and Mega Blastoise-EX, as well as Dragonite-EX, Ninetales BREAK, Machamp BREAK, and Mega Slowbro-EX. The set will contain more than 100 cards, including 12 new Pokemon-EX, including 5 Mega Evolution Pokemon, and 4 new Pokemon BREAK.

The XY-Evolutions Launch Box will include 72 XY-Evolutions Boosters, 8 XY-Evolutions Decks, 16 Foil promo cards (2 different characters – 8 cards of each), and 15 cardboard deck boxes (3 characters, 5 of each character).

The XY-Evolutions Boosters contain 10 cards per pack, 36 packs per booster, and 6 boosters per display.

The XY-Evolutions Sleeved Booster includes 144 sleeved cards, organized between dividers by counts of 24.

 The XY-Evolutions Theme Decks include 60 cards per deck, and are packaged 8 decks to a display, and 6 displays per case.

The XY-Evolutions 3pk Booster-Blister includes 3 boosters and a foil promo card. The Blisters are packed 24 to a case.

The XY-Evolutions Elite Trailer Box includes 8 booster packs, 65 card sleeves featuring Mega Charizard Y or Mega Blastoise, 45 Energy cards, a player’s guide to the expansion, 6 damage-counter dice, a competition level coin—flip die, 2 acrylic condition markers, a collector’s box with 4 dividers, and a code card for the online game.

The XY-Evolutions Mini Album includes a mini album which stores up to 60 cards, and a booster pack from The XY-Evolutions.

Pokemon USA will also release Pokemon TCG: Super Premium Collection: Mew and Mewtwo in October (see “'Pokemon Super Premium Collection: Mew and Mewtwo'”).