The Invasion: Vengeance booster set for Konami Digital Entertainment’s long-running best-seller Yu-Gi-Oh! will release on November 4.

Featuring the new “Starving Venom Fusion Dragon” and the “Dark Requiem Xyz Dragon,” this set offers new options for players who use Dark monsters in their deck.  The set also has cards to upgrade a number of themes, including Crystalline robots that can change time, Gemini monsters with the power of spontaneous combustion, and high-speed Metalfoes, and introduces two new themes as well.

The complete set will include a total of 100 cards, with 48 commons, 20 rares, 14 super rares, 10 ultra rares, and 8 secret rares.  The cards will be available in nine-card booster packs.

The release of the Invasion:  Vengeance booster set will be followed by the Invasion:  Vengeance Special Edition boxed sets, releasing December 9 (see “‘Yu-Gi-Oh!  Invasion:  Vengeance Special Edition’”).