ICv2 has obtained a photograph of the Deluxe Collector's Edition of the Akira DVD (see 'Akira Deluxe DVD Packaged in Collector's Tin').  The simple, but elegant design features the Japanese characters for the title scrawled over the English title.  The vibrant red color and the dynamism of the rendering of the Japanese characters demonstrates how the art of calligraphy allows the artist to express emotion -- the tension and conflict of the film are clearly suggested. 

The two-disk Collector's Edition includes a documentary on the making of the film, another documentary on the creation of the soundtrack, a feature on the restoration of the film, and other surprises, which are yet to be revealed.   Starting with the release of the remastered Akira on July 24th, a number of Akira items should be hitting the marketplace including the fourth volume of the Dark Horse Akira manga (see 'Dark Horse Retro Manga Boffo'), cool Akira toys from McFarlane Toys (see 'McFarlane Fields....'), and a long-rumored Akira videogame (see 'Akira Videogame Due in August').