Kickstarter collections of a popular webcomic with gamer overtones are producing huge numbers, with plans for an eventual trade release of three volumes.  Acceptable Comics has currently raised over $270,000 on Kickstarter for the second print collection of Steve Lichman.

Dave Rapoza and Dan Warren partnered on the webcomic, which stars a lich named Steve and his monster friends as they go about their everyday lives in a dungeon. Between them, Rapoza and Warren have credits on Magic: The Gathering, Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Marvel Comics and Dark Horse Comics. Steve Lichman Vol. 2 will be a 400-page hardcover, and is available for a $30.00 pledge.

The Kickstarter is also offering copies of Steve Lichman Vol. 1 – Second Edition. The 240-page hardcover is available as an add-on item at the $50.00 pledge level. The Steve Lichman Vol. 1 Kickstarter raised $198,608 from 6,033 backers ($32.93 / backer average) in October 2015.

Asked about options for retailers, Rapoza told ICv2, “[A]fter we ship our third volume we'll most likely go wide with distribution through something like Diamond if we can.”   There is no retailer pledge level on the Kickstarter, but Rapoza told ICv2 that “sometimes retailers will purchase stock from us during the pre-order windows.”