North Star Games is offering retailers a tournament kit for its Evolution board game, releasing November 15.

Available through participating distributors, the kits are designed to accommodate 16 players. The kit includes 16 packs of 7 “Hibernation” trait cards with alternative cart. The trait is included in the Evolution Climate expansion. These are to be given out to every participant. There are also 4 packs of 7 “Night Prowler” for the four finalists in the tournament. This is an exclusive new card. There is also tournament instructions, a link to a webpage where store owners can enter scores and let the application auto-calculate 2nd round match-ups, and a T-Rex dinosaur meeple for the winner. Kits cost $20.00.

North Star recently released the stand-alone expansion Evolution Climate (see “North Star's 'Evolution' Gets New Expansion”).

(See kit components in the gallery below.)