Bushiroad has announced the Trance Re:union expansion for its Luck & Logic trading card game, with a release date of March 31.

This expansion includes cards for all previously released foreigners and logicalists and all of the game’s Worlds, as well as new abilities for popular tranceunion combinations Tamaki x Xiaolin and Aoi x Lotta.  Like January’s Aid & Arms expansion (see “‘Luck & Logic:  Aid & Arms’”), Trance Re:union will include the new “Trance Rare” cards, with four of these extra rare cards included in the set.

Trance Re:union will include a total of 136 cards, including 4 TR, 12 RR, 26 R, 40 U, and 50 C rarity cards.  4 R Paradox and 4 C Paradox cards will complete the set.  Each pack comes with 7 cards, one of which will be a Paradox card.  MSRP is $4.50 per pack.