Osprey Publishing plans to release The Frostgrave Folio, a collection of material for its tabletop miniatures game, on March 23.

The Frostgrave Folio includes 64 pages of new material and material previously available only in PDF form, all written by Frostgrave creator Joseph A. McCullough.  The new material featured in the slender softcover book is The Ravages of Time, a brand-new mini-supplement for the game.

Previously released material includes the three-scenario Hunt for the Golem campaign, the Sellsword rules for mercenary captains, Dark Alchemy rules for potions, and Arcane Locations, which has rules for new bases.  This is the first time this material has been available in print format.

The book will feature artwork by Dmitry Burmak (Viceroy, Frostgrave) and Kate Burmak (Viceroy).  MSRP is $18.00.

Frostgrave has been well supported since Osprey first released it two years ago, with a line of metal miniatures and nearly a dozen supplements, including two books released last year (see “‘Into the Breeding Pits’ and ‘Forgotten Pacts’”).