Dynamite will launch new comic series tied to Charmed, James Bond, and Vampirella in March.

Dynamite announced that it had acquired rights to Charmed at New York Comic Con last fall (see “Dynamite Acquires Rights to ‘Charmed’”).  The first Diamond Charmed series is written by Erica Schultz, with interior art by Maria Sanapo, and covers by Sanapo and Joe Corroney, plus four photo covers (all in gallery below)

The new James Bond series, also originally announced at New York Comic Con (see “Dynamite’s New York Comic Con Announcements”), is written by Benjamin Percy, with interior art by Ralpha Lobosco and covers by John Cassaday, Dominic Reardon, Jason Masters, Goni Montes, and Moritat.  In “Black Box Part One – Whiteout,” Bond starts out in the Alps in a mystery that will send him across the globe. 

The series by comics and TV writer Paul Cornell, announced as the new writer on Vampirella in New York, (see “Dynamite’s New York Comic Con Announcements”), features interior art by Jimmy Broxton with covers by Broxton, Phillip Tan, J. Scott Campbell, Joseph Michael Linsner, and a cosplay cover.  Vampirella awakens after a sleep of over 1000 years, finds herself in a different world, and looks for an outfit appropriate for the era. 

The three series above join Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys: The Big Lie (see “Hardboiled Crime Series Stars Nancy Drew as Femme Fatale”) and Doc Savage:  Ring of Fire #1, the first issue in a new series written by David Avallone with interior art by Dave Acosta, to bring the number of Dynamite launches to five.

Click Gallery below for multiple covers from Charmed, James Bond, and Vampirella.