Archie Comic Publications has signed a deal with Warner Bros. Television to develop more TV programming based on its IP, the companies announced today.  Warner Bros. produced Riverdale, the new, darker take on the company’s core characters, which recently started airing on the CW.  One potential spin-off would be Josie and the Pussycats, who appeared in a recent episode (see “’Riverdale’ Borrows ‘Sugar, Sugar’ from Archie”). 

If a new show is going to rely on momentum from Riverdale, though, the series is going to have to improve its ratings.  The first three episodes drew 1.38, 1.15, and 1.2 million viewers, according to TV by the Numbers That’s well below even the hapless Powerless, which debuted around the same time at 3.1 million viewers and dropped to 2.53 million with the second episode (albeit on a broadcast network).  A better comparison might be the DC shows on the CW.  Arrow, the oldest of the Berlanti DC series, was drawing around 1.9 million viewers in its last season, on a decline from previous years, also according to TV by the Numbers.

Still, Riverdale is drawing attention because it’s a fresh take on the Archie universe, something it definitely needed, and with a slight uptick in its third week, the show may be growing into something 

Archie Comic Publications also announced Mark Waid’s editorial role on the company’s titles was expanding (see “Mark Waid Expands Role at Archie”).