Announced earlier this month (see “Bushiroad Teases 'Cardfight!! Vanguard G' Releases”), Bushiroad has released full details on the Aichi Sendou Legend Deck for Cardfight!! Vanguard G, which releases on June 2.

Aichi Sendou’s The Blaster deck contains Royal Paladin units with all new abilities that are revealed with their new evolution. The 58-card deck includes a 50-card deck and 8 G cards/15 card types (including 3 G cards). 18 holo cards (RRR) are included, one of each card type. The deck comes with a special Aichi Sendou deck case (folded), an Aichi Sendou fighter’s counter, an Aichi Sendou clan card, 2 special PR cars (Holy Dragon, Religious Soul Saver/ Reissue, non-holo) and a paper playmat. Other cards in the deck include Blaster Blade Exceed, Divine Knight King/ Alfred Holy Saver, Little Tactician - Marron, Hero of Silence -  Gallatin, Bringer of Divine Grace – Epona and Great Flash – Iseult. Two copies of Holy Dragon, Religious Soul Saver will be included as a special PR card.

A new Fighters Collection will also be released in June, but details not been announced.