At New York Toy Fair, Cryptozoic Entertainment unveiled figures in several lines of collectibles based on the popular Street Fighter video game franchise.

The lines are being produced in partnership with Street Fighter franchise owner Capcom.  The Street Fighter Knockouts, Street Fighter Lil’ Knockouts, and Mighty Meeples: Street Fighter figures will release later this year.

The Street Fighter Knockouts are 7-inch vinyl figures designed by Pedro Astudillo and sculpted by Anders Ehrenborg. Series 1 figures include Chun-Li, Cammy, and Sakura. Release is planned for Summer 2017, MSRP is $29.99. The figures are similar to the licensed DC Comics Bombshells vinyl figures Cryptozoic began releasing in 2015 (see “A Wave of New 'DC Bombshell' Products Due in August”).

The Street Fighter Lil’ Knockouts are 2.75-inch figures which are packaged in blind-box tins. Series 1, designed by Pedro Astudillo and sculpted by Sam Greenwell, will include Ryu, Blanka, and Chun-Li. Series 1 includes 10 unique figures plus two rare variant chase figures. MSRP is $9.99. Release is planned for Summer 2017.

Mighty Meeples: Street Fighter are 1-inch wooden figures of various Street Fighter characters which can be collected for display, or used to replace board game pieces.  There are 30 different figures. MSRP is $3.99. Release was not announced. Cryptozoic launched the Mighty Meeples licensed character line last year (see “Cryptozoic's Distribution Rosters Explained”).

Campcom released Street Fighter the arcade game in 1987. The second game, Street Fighter II, was released in 1991, and included gameplay and design elements that revolutionized the fighting game genre. The most recent release in the series was 2016' s Street Fighter V.

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