Square Enix will release an in-store organized play kit for the Final Fantasy TCG, coinciding with the release of the new Opus II Collection Booster Set on March 24.

Intended for casual format play, each kit includes organized play directions, promotional cards to be used as prizes for event winner (6 events worth, 3 Premium Foil Promotional Cards – Sephiroth, 6 Standard Promotional Cards – Sephiroth, 3 Premium Foil Promotional Cards – Lightning, and 6 Standard Promotional Cards – Lightning. Events can be as informal as game demonstrations, or as formal as competitive tournament-type events (Swiss or Single Elimination; Pre-built, Limited, or Draft play). The promotional cards are for promotional/event use only, not for resale.

Final Fantasy Trading Card Game, Opus II Collection is the second set to be released in the Western market. The 148-card set will enhance the play experience and features popular characters including Tifa and Squall. Each Booster Pack contains 12 cards, with 1 premium foiled card guaranteed. Each box contains 36 packs, and each carton contains 6 display boxes.

Final Fantasy TCG product is only available through GTS Distribution in the United States (see “Square Enix Enters North American Tabletop Games Market”).