Marvel Comics is working with Conversable to deploy chatbots to interact with fans in conjunction with the launch of Secret Empire, the company announced.   Among the chatbots’ functions will be to send fans to their nearest comic shop (using Diamond Comic Distributors data).

The program will launch in conjunction with Secret Empire.  The Marvel chatbot will allow Spider-Man to converse with fans, and send them quizzes, puzzles, and first looks using Facebook Messenger and Twitter DM.  And using natural language processing and machine learning, the chatbot will enage users with an entirely unique adventure written by Eisner-winner Jim McCann.

“The way that we're building the story is you're recruited as a new hero in the Marvel Universe,” a Marvel spokesperson explained. “What do you want your powers to be? What team do you want to be affiliated with? All this information is going to be built and compounded on to further the story along later and it always will be inviting you back.”