This summer, BOOM! Studios will enter the giant robot genre with a new monthly series.

Written by Greg Pak (The Incredible Hulk, War Machine) and drawn by Takeshi Miyazawa (Ms. Marvel, Runaways), Mech Cadet Yu follows the adventures of Stanford Yu, a janitor who suddenly finds himself a mech cadet at the Sky Corps Academy when he bonds with a giant robot.  The first issue of the series, which features variant covers by Marcus To and Juan Doe, will be in stores in August.

“I love giant robots,” says Pak.  “And I’m excited to be writing multi-dimensional Asian American lead characters in a genre that’s so beloved by so many Asian Americans, but seldom features them.”

Mech Cadet Yu is one of those special projects,” adds Miyazawa, “an underdog story about beating the odds, making friends, and kicking alien butt in giant robots.  When he came to me with the idea, it was something I couldn’t turn down.”

Pak will also be writing in another series that kicks off in August: The Strongest, Pak’s contribution to Marvel’s Generations maxiseries, centers on Bruce Banner and Amadeus Cho (see “Marvel Reveals Six Artists And New Cover For 'Generations'”).

Click Gallery below for the covers for the first issue!