WizKids will release a fourth set of Card Packs for the Star Trek:  Attack Wing tactical starship combat game in December.

Like earlier Card Packs, each pack includes cards, tokens, and dial connector pieces that can be used with older models in the game line to give them updates and new abilities.  Most of the components feature new content, with the rest being updates and errata.

Wave 4 will include two Card Packs:

The Star Trek:  Attack Wing Federation Attack Squadron Card Pack ties in with the Fighter Squadron 6 Expansion Pack from Wave 11.

The Star Trek:  Attack Wing Hirogen Warship Card Pack works with the Alpha Hunter Expansion Pack, also from Wave 11.

Card Packs offer fans of the game new material at a lower cost than the previous expansion pack formats.  MSRP is $9.99 per pack.  The Wave 3 Card Packs are scheduled to release in October (see “‘Star Trek:  Attack Wing Card Packs’ Wave 3”).