IDW Publishing has announced the October 25, 2017 launch of Star Trek: Discovery #1, a new comic book series written by Mike Johnson and Kristin Beyer with art and cover art by Tony Shasteen that ties in with the new Star Trek: Discovery TV series that premieres in late September on CBS All Access here in the U.S., on the Space Channel in Canada, and on Netflix for the rest of the world.  The Star Trek: Discovery comic book series was originally announced in September of 2016 for a Q1 2017 debut, but both the series and the comic were postponed to Q3 (see "'Star Trek: Discovery' Comic Book Series Announced").

Details about the series remain under wraps, but word is that Discovery will be a "Klingon-centric" series that will add new worlds and new civilizations, the details of which will be fleshed out in the Discovery comic book series.  Each issue of the Star Trek: Discovery comic book will come with a "ships of the line" cover by Declan Shalvey and Jordie Bellaire, which will provide a great glimpse of the space vessels from the new series.