BOOM! Studios will release a multimedia graphic novel, Bad Mask, which includes multiple print and digital components. The multimedia box set will arrive in November.

Created by Jon Chad (Science Comics, Adventure Time), the box set includes a variety of components, including a comic book, newspaper, magazine, trading cards, videos, digital comics, audio, and more. The story follows Bad Mask agent Gabrielle’s quest for revenge against robot Metal Metro.

“The tactile experience Jon has created—the thrill of discovery, of finding connections in context—is unlike anything I've ever had the pleasure of reading,” said editor Shannon Watters. “It’s like discovering a relative's long-abandoned hope chest and the story told in its crumbling contents.”

The emerging category of immersive / augmented / multimedia graphic novels has been gaining steam. In the mid-aught’s, Jordan Weisman and Sean Stewart’s Cathy’s Book incorporated web components and phone numbers as elements and sold 125,000 copies (see “'Cathy's Book' Sells in at 125k”).

Anomaly Productions had a minor hit with Skip Brittenham and Brian Haberlin’s Anomaly, a 370-page hardcover graphic novel that was enhanced by a tablet app that incorporated animation and voice-over narration for select panels in the OGN (see “'Anomaly,' the Longest Full Color Original Graphic Novel”). Despite a rather hefty pricetag of $75, the OGN sold more than 10,000 copies and spawned a sequel that will be out later this year (see “'Anomaly 2: The Rubicon' and 'Faster Than Light'”).

Check out components of the Bad Mask box set in the gallery below.