Ninja Division has signed a license with Games Workshop to release Doomseeker, a card and board game set in the Warhammer Fantasy old world, Ninja Division Co-Owner and Creative Director John Cadice told ICv2.  "It’s such a rich world for roleplaying and it’s something that we love personally," he said of the new license.

The object is to die with glory.  "It’s going to be a fun game where you play as a dwarf slayer out to seek your doom and die with the most glory by fighting the biggest and ugliest monsters you can find in the Warhammer world," Cadice explained.  "It’s a group game, the one that dies with the most glory wins the game."

The game box will include everything needed to play, including cards, tokens, and dice.  Ninja Division is hoping to have a MSRP in the $30 to $35 range, Cadice told us.  Release date is Spring 2018.