Modiphius Entertainment is poised to unleash Corvus Belli’s science fiction skirmish game Infinity on a new quadrant of the gaming world with the Infinity RPG, launching in October.

The Infinity RPG Core Book is a massive 527-page hardcover that details the battlefields of the Human Sphere, allowing players to use Modiphius’ 2D20 game system to defend earth from the invading alien Combined Army, adventure as space pirates along the ragged planetoids of Human Edge, or explore and seek fortune on one of the 12 worlds that make up the Human Sphere.  The book describes the complete chronology of Human Sphere, gives background on 10 factions, and provides gazetteers for all of the major worlds humanity has claimed. There is also an immersive Lifepath character creation system, a scenario design system and plenty of ready-to-play enemies.  MSRP is $49.99.

An Infinity: Collector’s Edition RPG Core Book will also be available, with deluxe finish, black page edges, and 16 pages of bonus content including a Plot Generator not found in the regular edition. The 543-page hardcover has an MSRP of $129.00.

The Infinity: Player’s Guide includes everything a player needs to create a character, define their attributes, and select their starting gear.  All the rules needed to play in the 2D20 system: including Heat, Momentum, task resolution, and the dynamics of Warfare, Infowar, and Psywar are included. There is a gazetteer covering humanity’s near future, including the various worlds and factions of the Human Sphere. Bonus content exclusive to the Player’s Guide includes Agent Handler guide, 2D20 to N3 conversion rules, and statistics for the miniatures produced for the game. The 146-page hardcover has an MSRP of $14.99.

Additional releases include the Infinity: Paradiso Geomorphic Tile Set ($24.99), Infinity: Combined Army Geomorphic Tile Set ($24.99), and Infinity: Infinity RPG Faction Dice Sets: 012, Alpeh, Ariadna, Combined Army, Haqqislam, Mercenary, Nomad, Pan Oceania, Tohaa, and Yu Jing. Each dice set includes 2 D20 faction dice, 1 hit location dice, and 4 combat dice, MSRP is $20.80.

The Infinity Role Playing Game adaptation was announced in 2015 (see “'Infinity' RPG”),with Corvus Belli stating it was first conceived initially as a homemade RPG settings before it evolved into the wargame they launched in 2005. Modiphius Kickstarted the game in 2015, and raised more than $460,000 from more than 3,400 backers (see “'Infinity' RPG Update”).

See images of all books and accessories in the gallery below!