Amigo Comics is releasing a complete collection of the Sky Masters of the Space Force Sunday strips. The Kirby Museum collaborated on the oversized volume, which is produced by letterer and comics experts Ferran Delgado. The 128-page, full-color hardcover will be in stores on January 31 for an MSRP of $34.95.

Sky Masters of the Space Force: The Complete Sunday Strips in Color (1959-1960) includes several extras, such as never-before reprinted scrapbook panels, color guides by Kirby, original art, and essays about the series.

Sky Masters of the Space Force was a syndicated strip that capitalized on the Cold War-driven space race. The strips were initially written by David and Dick Wood (no relation to Wally Wood). Kirby penciled the strip, which launched in 1958, and Wally Wood inked it for about a year, at which point Dick Ayers assumed inking duties. A collection of the dailies is due in November from Hermes Press (see “Jack Kirby's Classic Sci-Fi Comic Strip Collected”).