The first year of the Unrivaled Tabletop Tournament Series (see “Unrivaled Tournament Series”) resulted in the stores associated with the final table players at the Finale event at Bally’s Las Vegas on Halloween Weekend receiving $114,000, the company told ICv2.   The Tournament Series matched the player’s winnings for the stores they represented for the top four players of six games:  Ascension, Epic Spell Wars, King of Tokyo, Villagers and Villains, Nevermore, and Munchkin.  Prizes for the players and their stores were:

1st Place:  $10,000
2nd Place:  $5,000
3rd Place:  $2,500
4th Place:  $1,250

Michael Williams, CEO of organizer Oomba, Inc., stressed the importance of the retailers.  “Local game stores are the cornerstone of the tabletop gaming hobby, and we’re thrilled to be able to include them as prizewinners by matching the cash won by their players, as well as increasing their visibility,” he said.

The stores and the winners (both of which received $10,000) for each game are:

Sky High Comics, San Marco, CA; Stephen Dukes

Epic Spell Wars
Chaos, Games & More, Pueblo, CO; Thomas Asana

King of Tokyo
Gnome Games Appleton East, Appleton, WI; Lauren Effa 

Villagers and Villains
Oasis Games, Salt Lake City, UT; Alex Sittner

The Wasteland Gaming, Duluth, GA; Donnie Huynh

Dragon’s Lair, Austin, TX; Matthew Fagan

There were 289 stores participating in the first year’s events, the company said.