Marvel Comics will release more Runaways collections in 2018 for fans who can’t get enough of the recently-launched adaptation on Hulu.

The Runaways by Brian K. Vaughan & Adrian Alphona Omnibus is a 1072-page hardcover collecting Runaways #1 – 18 (2003), Runaways   #1 – 24 (2005) and the Free Comic Book Day (2006) issue. Other characters appearing in the story include Cloak and Dagger, the X-Men, and the New Avengers.  The oversize book releases on June 6 at $125.00 MSRP.

The Runaways will also have a prominent role in another collection, Cloak and Dagger: Runaways and Reversals.  This collection also ties to another Marvel TV series, Cloak and Dagger, which is due to join the Freeform lineup on Thursdays in 2018 (see “'Marvel's Cloak & Dagger' Makes First Appearance”).

The 368-page Cloak and Dagger: Runaways and Reversals trade paperback collects work from Brian K. Vaughan, Stuart Moore, Nick Spencer, Dan Slott, Mike Baron, Peter Gross, Paul Cornell and James Asmus; with art by Takeshi Miyazawa, Adrian Alphona, Mark Brooks, Emma Rios, Matteo Buffagni, Alex Maleev, Peter Gross, Leonard Kirk, And Cory Smith. It includes Runaways #11-12 (2003), Runaways #9 – 12 (2005), Cloak and Dagger #1 (2010), Spider-Island: Clock and Dagger #1 – 3, Amazing Spider-Man #6 – 8 (2015) and material from Strange Tales: Dark Corners, Marvel Knights Double-Shot #3, Dark X-Men: The Beginning #2, Amazing Spider-Man #663 (1999), and Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1 (2016).  The volume releases on March 14 at $34.99.

Hulu premiered the first three episodes of Runaways on November 21, and will continue to release the 10-episode series through January 9. The trailer can be seen here: “'Marvel's Runaways' Full Length Trailer Debuts.”

The original Runaways material and the new series (see “Rainbow Rowell to Write 'Runaways'”) have done well in the direct market leading up to the show (see “Top 300 Comics Actual--September 2017” and “Top 300 Graphic Novels Actual--September 2017”).