To support the upcoming Rivals of Ixalan set for Magic:  The Gathering (due out January 19, see “Preview:  ‘Magic:  The Gathering – Rivals of Ixalan’”), Ultra PRO is releasing a line of gaming accessories featuring artwork from that set.  The new accessories roll out this month, including card sleeves, card boxes, card binders, and playmats.

There will be three kinds of Deck Protector card sleeves, all produced from archival quality acid-free material with a clear matte finish front and artwork on the back.  These 66mm x 91mm sleeves are designed for standard size cards.  A pack of 80 card sleeves will be MSRP $8.99.

The three varieties of Deck Boxes are each designed to hold 100 cards in sleeves.  The boxes are self-locking, with a thumb notch to make it easy to extract the cards, and include one card divider.  MSRP is $3.99 each.

The Rivals of Ixalan PRO Binder has black web-material pages with 9 side-loading pockets large enough to hold sleeved cards per page, with enough pages to hold 360 cards.  The full-color cover has an elastic strap closure.  MSRP is $23.99.

There will be three sizes of Rivals of Ixalan Playmats offered.  The three individual playmats, measuring 24 by 13.5 inches, will each feature different artwork.  MSRP is $21.99 each.  Six foot and eight foot table playmats will both have the same artwork and are MSRP $94.99 and $129.99, respectively.

Click the Gallery below for images of all the new accessories.