Skybound Entertainment and Druid City Games will release the board game The Grimm Forest  and the fantasy card game Guardian’s Call.  Skybound Entertainment signed a deal with Druid City Games last spring, even as Skybound was revamping its own game distribution for Superfight and Red Flags (see “Skybound to Release 'The Grimm Forest'”).

The Grimm Forest is a house-building game designed by Tim Eisner. Players are the family members of the Three Little Pigs of the Grimm Brothers’ fairytale. They are racing to be the first to construct three houses, by beating other players to needed resources. Famous fairytale characters occasionally drop by to lend a hand (see “Druid City Games Heads for 'The Grimm Forest'”).

The game was funded with a Kickstarter campaign in April, which raised $405,145 from 7,131 backers ($56.81 / backer average). Trade release is planned for February 21. MSRP was not announced.

Guardian’s Call is designed by James Hudson. Each player is a Guardian, and a member of the Guardian’s Council, but only the Guardian who gathers the most resources for the council will be named Guardian of the Realm. To gather resources, players offer help to each other with various cards representing magical spells, weapons, and artifacts.

The game was funded with a Kickstarter campaign in October, which raised $37,760 from 749 backers ($50.41 / backer average). Backer fulfillment is planned for July, with trade release to follow. MSRP was not announced.