GAMA, the Game Manufacturer’s Association, is launching a Manufacturer Exclusive Program, under which manufacturers will provide products or promotional items exclusively to GAMA retailer members, or sell products to retailer members 30-60 days or more before being released to non-member retailers.  This is a type of program offered by other trade associations, GAMA said in its announcement. 

Four manufacturers have made announcements under the program.

Copies of Iello’s new game Decrypto (see “Transmit the Code in ‘Decrypto’”) and the demo kit for the game will be available March 1 exclusively to GAMA members; regular street date is April 19.

Petersen Games
Evil High Priest and Planet Apocalypse will be available to GAMA members 30 days prior to the regular street date.

R&R Games
Costa Ruana will be available 30 days early to GAMA members.

Steve Jackson Games
The company will offer an exclusive GAMA 2018 Retailer Box for Ogre Miniatures Set 1 exclusively at the GAMA Trade Show.

GAMA Executive Director John Ward commented on the new program.  “In today’s market, this is something I really wanted to get in motion,” he said.  “It’s a program that retailers have wanted, and we are proud to partner with our manufacturer members to coordinate it.” 

Corrected February 1 to remove reference to distributor fulfillment, at GAMA's request. -- ed.