Wizards of the Coast’s recent announcement of the unbanning of the “Jace, the Mind Sculptor” for Magic: The Gathering Modern format tournament play is having immediate effects on the secondary market, as well as increasing demand for the upcoming  Masters 25 booster set, in which a reprint of the card will be available.

On February 12, the official Magic webpage announced the unbanning of “Jace, the Mind Sculptor” and “Bloodbraid Elf” for Modern format tournament play. The effective date for the physical card game is February 19, and for Magic Online play is February 14. Both cards were originally banned because they were too powerful, but now WOTC believes the format’s natural power level has increased enough to support the cards. Unlike Standard format play, which only uses the most recently released Magic sets, Modern format play allows cards from a wider variety of releases (currently it includes cards from the Core Set – 8th Edition and Mirrodin [2003] through current releases).

Overnight, prices on the secondary market for “Jace, the Mind Sculptor” rose dramatically, and though the card is relatively rare, it has appeared in the Worldwake, Eternal Masters, and From the Vault: Twenty releases. Average prices ranged from $100 - $150 today, and some dealers are already offering presales of the “Jace, the Mind Sculptor” reprint due in the Masters 25 booster, which releases on March 16 (see “'Masters 25' Collects 25 Years of 'Magic: The Gathering'”).