WizKids is expanding its lines of unpainted plastic miniatures with more Pathfinder Battles Deep Cuts and WizKids Deep Cuts releases planned for August.

The pre-assembled and pre-primed models feature deeper detailing for painting. MSRP is $4.99 each. The 12 Pathfinder Battles Deep Cuts miniatures includes:

  • Female Knights / Gray Maidens
  • Flying Ray
  • Cave Lurker
  • Liches
  • Female Human Barbarian
  • Male Human Barbarian
  • Female Human Wizard
  • Male Human Wizard
  • Female Elf Fighter
  • Male Elf Fighter
  • Female Gnome Rogue
  • Male Halfling Rogue

The 7 WizkIds Deep Cuts releases include a variety of furnishings, scenery pieces and generic characters, mostly themed around a dungeon setting this go round:

  • Assistant & Torture Cross
  • Iron Maiden
  • Pile of Bones & Entrails
  • Stocks
  • Executioner & Chopping Block
  • Cage & Chains
  • Torture Rack

Check out the gallery below for pictures of the new miniatures.

WizKids will be releasing a batch of models for each line in May (see “Elementals, Gnomes, Wizarding Room, Witches Den”).