Force of Will Inc. will release Winds of the Ominous Moon, the fourth booster in the Reiya Cluster for the Force of Will Trading Card Game on June 8.

With the release of The Time Spinning Witch booster and a new Reiya Cluster Starter Deck looming (see “'The Time Spinning Witch' Enchants 'Force of Will'”), FOW has unveiled the culmination of the Reiya Cluster. Winds of the Ominous Moon will use mechanics “Spirit Magic” and “Mystery Counters” introduced in the Reiya Cluster Starter Decks as well as introducing new mechanics “Auras” and “Time Will.” The basic stones and basic Rulers will be packaged separately from booster packs, but inside the booster box. Each box will include 6 copies of each magic stone (30 total) and one copy of each basic Ruler.

Each booster pack includes 10 cards, and each box contains 36 packs. Each carton contains 6 boxes. The booster set includes 130 different cards (including basic magic stones and basic Rulers).  FOW is offering a preorder bonus to retailers, including 1 limited PR card for every box, and 1 limited rubber play mat per carton.

A Winds of the Ominous Moon Pre-Release Kit will be available to brick and mortar retailers who wish to host an event on weekend of June 1 -3.